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No donation is a small donation. $25 can buy a CAT tourniquet, which can stop blood loss and save one human life. For $450, we can buy a perfect bulletproof helmet, and for $1500, we can buy a thermal telescope, which can save a whole battalion. Please donate today!


You can see what we are currently fundraising for below. Also, please see the FAQ section on this landing to learn more about our fundraising.


We report on every dollar we receive. You can find our reports on the Facebook page and see all the receipts and photo reports in the folder we have created for this fundraising.

Current need


8 walkie-talkies (Hytera 785)
2 drones DJI Mavic 3 Fly or Mavic 2 Air
1 monocular Hicmicro TH35C
50 CAT tourniquets 

What we have already done



20 x loading vests

10 x backpacks

8 x walkie-takes

12x helmets

7 x sets of the knee and elbow pads

5 x thermal imagers

4 x bulletproof vests

2 x tablets 

2 x plate carries

9 x tactical boots  



We are the Alumni of the FLEX program from Ukraine. You might have hosted us in the USA or become our friend who went with us to a drama class or a soccer practice; maybe you were our teacher or a guardian. And now we ask for your help!


Our country is on the front line of defense of democracy and freedom principles due to the war waged by the Russian Federation. Now we go through challenging and unprecedented conditions when hostile armed forces of the neighboring country invade Ukraine. The occupants have conducted severe attacks for over three months, destroyed infrastructural objects and civil buildings, and killed thousands of people (among them civilians and children). You must have seen the horrifying scenes from Bucha and Irpin. We want to stop this as soon as possible!


There are various large foundations and military aid from governments worldwide (including the USA), which is very appreciated. But there are small needs, which those organizations have a hard time satisfying quickly. Those needs, like night vision scopes, walkie-talkies, tourniquets, medical kits, and others, are precious because they save the lives of thousands. 


Even a small donation can make a difference. Please help us today!

How to donate?


🇺🇸For bank transfers in USD

IBAN: UA963220010000026208327062197 

Account No: 26208327062197 

Receiver: SHALASHNA DIANA, 84100, Ukraine, reg. Donetska, district. Slovianskyi, c. Sloviansk, st. Henerala Batiuka, build. 58, fl. 89 

Account with Institution 



Swift code: UNJSUAUKXXX 


🇺🇦For bank transfers in Hryvnia 

Отримувач: Шалашна Діана Дмитрівна 

IBAN: UA963220010000026208305898349 

ІПН/ЄДРПОУ: 3719301548 

Призначення платежу: Поповнення рахунку 

Most commonly asked questions:

1. Who are the organizers of the fundraiser?

The fundraiser is initiated and organized by FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange) Program alumni. Current FLEX Alumni Coordinators are responsible for raising and using the funds for the common aim.


Contact information of Diana Shalashna

FLEX Alumni Coordinator of Central Ukraine


2. Why are the funds raised on Diana Shalashna's accounts?

The funds are being raised on Diana Shalashna's accounts as she is the FLEX Alumni Coordinator of Central Ukraine. The Alumni chose her accounts to control and report the budget quickly. Diana Shalashna takes responsibility for reporting the expenses in the Facebook group and the Google Drive folder created for this initiative. American Councils for International Education are not involved in the project.


3. I want to fundraise for other, bigger initiatives. Do you have any advice?

Yes, you can support the following funds: Come Back Alive, Kolo, and Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation. These are the funds with crystal clear reputations and transparent reporting.


4. How do you know what the Ukrainian Armed Forces currently need?

We keep in touch with local volunteers and know the army's urgent current needs. Moreover, before we purchase the needed supplies, we take advice from experts about the models so that these supplies bring as much benefit as possible. 

Most of our requests come from the Alumni community's family and friends. Our team verifies all of the requests. One of the necessary conditions to get our support is to provide an official letter of request (with the signature and stamp of the battalion, medical facility, or organization). Another essential condition is the photo report as the battalion or organization receives our help. 


5. Can I help with something else except for fundraising?

We also need volunteers who can help us with logistics. Contact us if you can purchase the necessary supplies in the U.S./EU and send them to Poland or directly to Ukraine!


What should I do if my contacts are willing to purchase the needed supplies independently instead of donating to the fundraiser?

In this case, please, contact us, and we will let you know what we currently need. We kindly ask you not to suggest humanitarian aid such as food or clothes since we do not work on humanitarian relief.


6. Why do we fundraise for tactical help instead of internally and externally displaced people or humanitarian relief?

To stop the heavy flow of Ukrainian displaced people and save the lives of thousands of adults and children, we need to stop the enemy. Only well-equipped people can do that. 


7. Where can I find reports of the already purchased supplies and on how my donation is spent?

You can find the photos and receipts here and on our Facebook page.